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I am Igor Kuzle and I am running for 2021-2022 IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect. Please have a look around this website to find out more about me, why I’m running for Director-Elect and why I’m qualified.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your questions, concerns and suggestions.

Information about my IEEE activities can be found in the biography section, while more detailed information about my professional life can be found by clicking here.



Prof. Kuzle was given by Croatian Academy of Sciences and ArtsĀ the award for his excellence in the technical field in the year 2019.

The Award recognizes the work in the field of application of different control concepts to increase power system flexibility and enable further integration of renewable energy sources. The work includes 19 published papers in prestigious international journals, 12 classified as Q1 category (3 of them having impact factor 7 or more and 6 papers having impact factor 4+). The work done in 2019 is the results of cooperation between prof. Kuzle and his group of PhD students as well cooperation with international partners.